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Clothing Capsule Plan

How do you start to make a clothing-capsule-plan?

What makes up a capsule?

Everything you might need - skirts, pants, jackets, tops and dresses.

Usually a capsule is limited to two principal colours, each of which can stand alone or mix and match with the other. The shapes of all the garments must also work well together, so that each jacket can be worn with all the skirts, trousers and maybe the dress as well.

No one capsule is going to be able to meet all your needs and you will likely need several different capsules - for work, for social events, travel, at home etc.

Here is where you can get a complete personal analysis of your body type and shape, and full details of which colours and styles are most flattering for you.


Before deciding on any particular items for your clothing-capsule-plan, you first need to choose a colour scheme. For a working wardrobe you would probably choose a dark solid colour for the first skirt and matching jacket and a lighter colour for the second skirt and jacket, perhaps in a print or checked pattern. The colours and fabrics should be sufficiently similar that they can work with the matching piece and can mix well with the other item.

The dress should also mix and match with both colours. This will give you a very versatile wardrobe, which will take you through most situations.

The shapes of the jackets may be the same or different, but they must complement both skirts. Having two different silhouettes may give you greater diversity in your outfits. One could be a short jacket, ending at the waist and the other could be longer, to the hip. The same would apply to the skirts. One could be straight and slim, and the other could be pleated or a front-buttoned dirndl.

Your dress could be in a print incorporating both the main colours. It should be a tailored style, with a slim skirt.

At least one blouse should be white or off white, and the others in colours related to the skirts and trousers.

Of the sweaters, one should be a cardigan in a solid colour which works with all your skirts and blouses, and the second could be a V-neck pullover that can be worn over a blouse or alone with a skirt.




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