Imagine autumn colouring as vivid autumn leaves- red, orange, yellow against brown earth

Autumn colouring is warm and earthy, either with a touch of gold, or otherwise bright and rich. The whole colour range includes both soft (for ivory skin types), and strong colours (for the brighter peach-coloured complexions).

Three different skin colours can be distinguished: a fair, pale,translucent skin (can often have reddish freckles); a delicate, golden-beige skin; or a stronger skin colour - golden beighe or peach, very similar to that of Spring types, but much clearer.


The characteristic hair colour is red - from carrot red, to copper red, to chestnut brown. Of course there are some Autumn people who have medium-blonde or dark-blonde hair, but they always have reddish highlights.

Autumn types often have particularly stiking eyes - dark, crystal clear or warm and glowing. The colurs range from radiant blue, to steel blue and teal blue, from amber to clear green, and deep olive green, and from golden brown to deep, dark brown. The iris often contains specks of gold.

What distinguishes them most is the rather special effect that different colours have on them. Because of the rich colour of their hair and eyes many of them can look good without a trace of makeup.

Often an Autumn’s skin will not have much colour in it and will project a very muted look, and many Autumns are pale and look better in their darker or richer colours. Others may have some cool elements in their colouring which can be seen in some ash in the hair, a rosy look or ruddiness, or some grey or blue in the eye colour. The total effect will still be warm, deep or muted.


Autumn people have golden undertones to their skin. There are three basic Autumn colour combinations:-

The fair skinned woman with ivory or creamy peach skin

The true redhead – often with freckles

The golden beige woman whose skin ranges from medium to deep copper

Skin Tone

Caucasians: ivory or ivory with freckles (usually a redhead), peach or peach with freckles (usually golden blonde, or brown hair), golden beige, beige

Blacks would have dark golden brown, or olive skin. In the sun you will go a darker deep bronze

Asians: beige, dark beige (coppery), warm beige, golden brown, olive. You may have some freckles which would also be golden brown. You tan easily and go brown.


Caucasians: Mousy brown hair with no natural highlights, light to medium brown hair, red hair, coppery brown, auburn or golden brown(dark honey), golden blonde (honey),ash blonde, strawberry blonde. Older people may have warm yellowish grey hair.


Blacks might have charcoal brown or black hair

Asians may have dark brown hair

Eye Colours

Autumn eyes are usually golden brown or green with orange or golden streaks radiating from the pupil. Some have clear green eyes, like glass, or deep olive green cat eyes.

Caucasians: hazel (golden brown, green, gold), green (with brown or gold flecks), clear green, steel or teal blue, bright turquoise

Blacks would have dark brown eyes or golden brown

Asians: dark brown, golden brown, amber, hazel

Typical Autumn Colours Warm brown tones are ideal, from clear champagne and gold beige, through warm, full rust to the darkest warm chocolate brown. All gold or warm, reddish brown tones will make you come alive and enhance your complexion. However the cool grey brown of the summer palette will make you look dull and colourless.


Your beiges and browns are warm earth tones and your dark chocolate brown and mahogany are rich colours (may be too rich for some of you). Camels, khakis and tans are excellent for all Autumns, but bronze may not flatter many of you.

Your best white is oyster (beigy white). You can also wear ivory and the soft white from the Summer palette.

The marine navy blue is the only one that truly flatters the Autumn person. You can wear teal blue, but the darker and richer the colour the better. Turquoise also is medium to dark, and needs to have warm, yellow undertones. The clear, bright turquoises are not for you. You will look best in a deep periwinkle blue (with a violet cast) or a deep purple.

You can wear any green that has a golden tone, from subtle to bright. Your greens range from dark forest green to olive, jade and grayish greens, light and dark khaki to teal and Prussian blue.

The light grey-greens are best on those Autumns with colouring similar to Summer. The darker greens are good on Autumns with dark hair and eyes, but more golden Autumns should take care with these. P11

You can wear any shade of gold from mustard to bright yellow-gold, although some people need to take care and wear their golds only as accent colours. However you need to know that gold fabric needs to be good quality to avoid the garment looking cheap. Delicate colours such as mustard yellow, and corn yellow with a touch of red, will really make you come alive.

Autumn types are the only ones who look really good in deep, bright orange. Your oranges also include terracotta and rust colours, and pumpkin and bright orange are great accent colours in both prints and solids.

Your best peach, apricot and salmon shades are deep. Salmon is you version of pink. You can use the lighter versions mixed with darker or brighter colours to add emphasis

Pinks and reds must always be warm shades with an orange base, and range from bright orange-red to bittersweet red and dark tomato, poppy red and copper red. Your reds may even become brownish resembling maroon. Burgundy, however, will be too blue and harsh for you.

Avoid black and pure white and rather wear dark chocolate brown with off white. These will suit you much better.

Your best basic colours would be teal blue, khaki or rust brown, combined with a much brighter or lighter colour.

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