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Autumn Colour Palette

You Can Revel in Your Autumn mix and match palette

Having decided that the Autumn mix and match palette is the one that best describes you, you now know which colours you should be wearing. There are probably some shades that you will find too bold, or too dull, or that you would not want to be seen in at all. However it is now perfectly possible for you to start to think in terms of putting together a successful wardrobe working with your own Autumn range of colours.


To achieve a basic wardrobe that works you need to decide on a colour scheme. While navy, grey, black (or charcoal) and beige are the accepted basic neutrals to build on, there is nothing in the world to stop you opting for grass green, shocking pink, or electric blue as your mainstay. The only snag is that it will become more difficult to match these colours up in the years ahead when your chosen shades disappear from the fashion spectrum.

A simple Autumn mix and match colour scheme can be a monochromatic one, whereby you choose various shades of the same colour: e.g. beige/ chocolate brown/ rust.

Or you could aim for mixing and matching harmonious Autumn colours from adjacent sections of the colour wheel (you can buy one from a craft or paint supply shop) such as: lime green / dark holly green / turquoise blue-green. Or you could try various tones of salmon pink, or shades of orange and yellow.

If you would like the effect of your clothes to be feminine, pretty, cool, elegant or even seductive then you could look towards the pastel spectrum of your autumn mix and match colour palette. These colours can be luminous, translucent, and gentle, giving an almost subliminal effect. Instead of dominating your outfit, they allow you and your choice of shape and design a chance to shine. Greyed pastels are especially elegant and sophisticated, but are better not worn beside clear tones in the same colour range. However they can be heavenly when seen with companions of similar value – misty taupe / cloudy violet / soft raspberry.

Also bear in mind that colour is a useful tool for creating optical illusions.

Bright colours will increase your height, while more subtle tones will make you look smaller

All of the other warm shades in your palette will work equally well

Khaki is also good background colour for Autumn which will flatter your complexion. Also try it with:

By putting eye catching colours (bright or light) at the neck, you will draw attention to your face, while wearing vivid shoes, belts, or stockings with a neutral outfit, will draw attention away from your face.

Remember too that you might often need to blend in with your surroundings to avoid being regarded with suspicion by the establishment. This is best seen in the preponderance of blue, black and grey in cities, green, khaki and brown in the countryside, and vibrant, fun colours at the beach.

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Don’t forget about prints either. They can be used as a form of camouflage – just as the wavy / jagged lines of military camouflage can break up the exact outlines of a vehicle, so too can patterned fabrics in dress. Be careful though if you are trying to disguise excess bulk. Don’t let the pattern be too eye-catching or it will defeat the object.

As you begin to think about planning a new, basic wardrobe, or wardrobe module, start with the Autumn neutrals for greatest versatility. Strictly speaking they are not colours at all, but a mixture of the primary and secondary colours with white or black added. They should be used as a back drop for other colours.

Autumn Neutrals: oyster, warm beige, camel, browns, bronze, khaki, rust, olive green, pine green

Autumn Semi neutrals are colours that can be worn either as neutrals or basic colours: oyster, pine green, rust, mud brown, mahogany, olive green

Autumn Basics: for your basic dress, or suit or your blouses (or all of these) – oyster, brick red, tomato red, pumpkin, teal blue, sea-green, periwinkle

Your bright colours are best used as accents, mixed in patterns, quality evening wear and fun wear.

Your light colours are soft and feminine, and work well for lingerie, flowing evening wear, dressy blouses, scarves and summertime wear.

Teal blue is an excellent basic colour for Autumn people and should be combined with bright colours:

  • Fresh orange
  • Brown and peach
  • Rust red and reed green
  • Khaki and bronze
  • Off-white, mulberry and deep brown
  • Light brown and tomato red
  • Bronze and plum blue

  • Tomato red and bronze
  • Lobster red and off white
  • Blackberry red
  • Plum blue and a deep golden yellow
  • Golden yellow and teal blue
  • Rust, reed green and peach
  • Peach, violet blue and red
  • Brown and a little off-white

Rust brown is your best colour and combines with many other autumn colours:

  • Plum blue with brown
  • Violet blue with plenty of orange and a bit of off-white
  • Camel with jade green
  • Dark and light teal (blue-grey) with peach
  • Forest green with moss green
  • Red with yellow and a small amount of off-white
  • Brown with blackberry red




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