Curved Body Shapes


Some women have rounded body silhouettes with curved hips, a well defined waist and a full bust. Their facial shape may be oval, round, heart shaped or pear shaped. They may have round cheeks, full lips and round or almond-shaped eyes. A curved line is the predominant body type and it can be round or oval.

Curved Body Shapes


The Curved Pear Shape

You could be a curved pear shape, if your shoulders are curved or sloping and if your hips are more rounded than flat. You would need to balance your figure with shoulder pads, but don't use the square shoulder pads - rather use curved pads.

Your bottom will be quite rounded, and you will need easing at the waistline with soft pleats or gathers to diminish the appearance of a large bottom, but be careful not to choose styles with gathers or pleats running right around the waistline. This would make you look much bigger than you really are.

You should wear dark colours from the waist down and then emphasise the width of your shoulders to create a widening effect. Boat or wide necklines are good for this, as are large collars and draped cross over necklines if generously cut will also give you some softness to balance your figure.

Avoid slim-fitting tops which will accentuate the difference between your upper and lower body. Keep your clothes as simple as possible.

Your best fabrics will be softer and more loosely woven than for a straight body shape, and your patterns should be soft too.

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The Hourglass Shape

This is men's ultimate fantasy figure, and is envied by many women, but it has its challenges too.

Both your front and side profiles show curves, your shoulder line is soft and your waist defined, your hips rounded and your bottom and bust pronounced and curved, although not necessarily large.

It is difficult to find professional looking suits or dresses for this body shape as they tend to be too straight in cut and shape. You need the cut of your clothed to be soft, gathered and eased. Avoid set in sleeves unless the fabric is very soft. Rather go for gathered, raglan or eased shapes.

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Jacket lapels should also be rounded, for example a shawl collar. Your necklines will be draped, rounded, crossovers or ruffled. Pleats are soft.


You must accentuate your waist (which is probably at least ten inches smaller than your hips). If you don't accentuate your waist you will look larger than you actually are. Also because your hips are so curved you will always need easing at the waist.

If your bust is very full, you need to avoid loose, baggy tops which can make you look frumpy and fatter than you are.

Soft designs such as florals, polka dots, paisleys etc are much more flattering on you than stripes or plaids would be.

Click here to view a video showing how to dress an Hour Glass Shape

Round Body Shape

This is usually an overweight 'Curved Hourglass' figure, and if you are a big lady, you can aim at being the most attractive big lady around. You need to keep your look loose and unstructured, and avoid tight or well defined clothes lines. Make sure you always buy clothes that are large enough to get a proper fit.

Avoid attention at the waist line, and in fact you will find that long jackets and drop waists are most flattering on you. The overscale long jumper, over leggings can look wonderful on you. Long overblouses, sweaters and jackets are all slimming when teamed with skirts or pants.


As the best place to direct attention to is your face, you can emphasise your neckline with beautiful necklaced and scarves in really flattering colours.

Your shoulderline should be the focus from which all your styles start. All your tops, jackets and dresses should fall in an unstructured straight line from the shoulder. Shoulder pads can help to balance your top half with your bottom half.

This body shape is very often short waisted,but this could mean that you have longer legs to balance your appearance. You need to have soft gathers or pleats at the waist, with bias cut skirts or soft culottes taking the eye away from the waist area.

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Black is not the best colour for you, as it will always emphasise your silhouette, especially against a pale background. Rather try using quite vivid colours in your clothes to make an impact.

If you are short, avoid any horizontal lines, whether they are created by two different colours, or a line in the design of your outfit as they will make you look shorter and wider. Bulky fabrics will also add width. as will very full skirts. Keep your clothes as simple as possible, and always in one colour.

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If you are tall, tailored clothes will look best on you, in darker colours. Dark pants or skirts can be worn with lighter coloured tops, and chemise style dresses are hard to beat.

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