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How to Make Your Clothes Fit Perfectly

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It is terribly important to make your clothes fit, and it makes a major difference in how you look in your clothes. You can ignore sizes as different manufacturers often use different patterns in their sizing, and it doesn't matter if you are a size 10 on top and a size 14 on the bottom, so long as the garments fit well and look good on you.

We’ve all been there! Every woman has occasionally resorted to rolling up a skirt at the waist, re-hemming with tape or safety pins , or tucking under too long sleeves in order to wear a new purchase immediately. For the long run though the discriminating woman will make smoother and longer lasting alterations.

If you find that the clothes you have purchased need some adjustments, make sure you get them altered. The clothes you are trying on were made to fit thousands of women and it stands to reason that it is almost impossible to achieve a perfect fit without some alterations. With a few adjustments the suit or dress can look as if it were custom made.

In some stores the alterations women, or section, can fit you on the spot, right in the dressing room. That way you know that when you get the clothing home, it will be ready to wear. Or perhaps if the item needs only minor adjustments you can do yourself.

Everything can be alterered – nothing is so sacred that it cannot be changed, even when it is a very expensive, designer label piece of clothing. If you can’t wear it in its present state, adjust it, remake it, renovate it, and wear it.

You deserve to have clothes that fit you perfectly, garments that are tailored to your individual figure and your personal likes and dislikes about how you wear your clothes. Perfect fit can be yours, and with a minimum of effort and cost.

You may be wearing the right colour, style and fabric, but if the length and proportion of your outfit is incorrect for your height and shape you will not look your best. If you buy a garment that is the incorrect length for you, have it altered to fit before you wear it.

Realise when it is worth altering a garment or when it is not worth the trouble. Almost anything can be remade, but this can be very expensive or time consuming if you do it yourself.

There is a difference between ‘tight’ (too small) or ‘snug’ (a fit meant to hug the body), and also between big (too-big, wrong size) and over-sized (a fit meant to skim the body loosely). Some designers create clothing that is deliberately big, loose and roomy, and may be called "one size fits all". However clothes that are too big to be loose-fitting on almost everyone, must still be considered for balance and proportion.

Most of this clothing has been designed for people who are very tall and thin. These are the women who need the elegant loose-fitting, over-scaled look to balance their height and their long arms and legs. They need the extra length in the body and torso of the garment, as well as in the lengths of the sleeves, jackets, skirts and trousers. Longer jackets, longer skirts, fuller blouses and wider shoulders are necessary to balance long arms and legs. This is fine if you are tall, but what if you are average in height, or even short?

Average height women (say about 5'4" tall) find it extremely difficult to wear clothes designed for tall people. At this height a woman looks much better in garments that are proportioned for her scale - in skirt lengths, sleeve lengths, and body proportions that are made for her height.

A short woman is likely to have more difficulty in finding properly scaled clothes than her tall or average-sized counterpart. However many designers are now producing a special petite scale range, with shorter arms, shorter skirt lengths, shoulders and midriffs. The whole body is scaled down, which is important for a balanced look.

Poorly fitted garments will accentuate your figure flaws and make you look unkempt. They can even add years to your appearance.

On the other hand well-fitting clothes will make you feel good about yourself and make you appear well groomed. A quarter to one eighth inch can make all the difference!

  • A jacket falling at the right or wrong spot
  • In the correct hang of a skirt
  • In making you look and feel perfect in something and therefore wearing it a lot, or almost never wearing it
  • With a few adjustments, the suit or dress can look as if it was custom made for you.


Take off your shoes when checking your correct lengths. If your proportion and legs look good without shoes, then imagine how great they will look with them.

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