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A summer colouring palette consists of the more muted, softer, cool and pastel tones. Visualise the summer haze after rain in the countryside when the sun is absorbing the dampness in the earth. Summer

All summer people have a bluish undertone to their skin and an ashy (not golden) sheen to their hair. Often they have a visible pink in their skin, so it is easy to see the blue undertone. Some people with summer colouring have a delicate, fair complexion, while others may have a stronger rosy look. Freckles tend to be more grey-brown than the golden brown freckles of Spring people. The most important rule is to avoid all harsh colours. You will always look best in soft, elegant shades that look as if they were mixed with light grey, powdery pink or faded blue. Colours that might make other women look pale and washed out will bring out the best in you.

Skin Tones of summer colouring people


Caucasians: rose beige, pink beige, beige, light beige, ivory, very pink. If you have ivory skin it will probably burn quickly in the sun, or freckle and goes creamy. Either way it will fade fast.

Blacks would have dark brown, rose brown, grey brown or cocoa brown skin. In the sun you will go darker, even blue black.

Asians: beige, rose beige, white with pink or very pink. You tan easily and go brown rather than pink., or you may turn a deep bronze colour.


Caucasians: Your hair will be light to medium brown (which may benefit from highlighting), or mousy brown, ash brown, platinum blonde, ash blonde, golden blonde or brown with red, soft or silver grey or salt and pepper which looks wonderful on you.

Blacks might have black, black brown, dark ash brown or soft brown hair

Asians have dark brown hair (taupe), ash brown, soft brown, brown with red cast, or soft white

Eye Colours


Summer colouring eyes are usually blue, green, grey or hazel and have a cloudy look to the iris.

Caucasians: grey-blue, bright blue, soft blue, turquoise, or teal grey and blue green to hazelnut brown or soft brown.

Blacks would have brown black, red brown, grey brown or hazel eyes

Asians: dark brown, rose brown, soft brown or grey brown.

Typical Summer Colours

The colours in your palette are light, muted and blue based, and are enhanced by soft contrasts and colour combinations. You probably love pastels, and look elegant in soft, light, colours as well as medium tones, as long as they have a soft, bluish or grayish undertone. You generally can’t wear shades of brown or orange. Fair summers with blonde or light hair need to take care with the darkest colours, such as burgundy, deep blue-green and dark blue red. Large areas of these dark colours may be too strong beside the face. On the whole the Summer colours are light, muted and blue based.

The most flattering white for you is soft, but not yellow. It has less blue than Winter’s pure white.

Your beige must always have a rose tone, rather than an ivory or yellow one. You can wear browns from medium to dark as long as they too are rose toned. Your browns are especially flattering if they are muted (grayish).

Summer colouring people can wear all the blue-greys from light to dark, but should be careful with true greys or yellowish greys. Some of you can wear greys without any blue in it. Your navy is grayish, which is more flattering to you than a bright or black navy.

You may wear almost all other blue shades, light, medium or dark, but not the extremely bright or royal blues of Winter. Your blues can be clear or muted, and your lighter blue clothes will have a lot of grey in them. Any smoky blue will suit you, especially the faded-jeans blue. You can also wear periwinkle, which is a blue with violet in it.


Your greens are all blue-greens, ranging from a light pastel to medium blue-green and a dark blue-green. These greens are especially good on brown or hazel-eyed Summers.

Summer’s yellow is a very soft, cool, citrus or light lemon. Avoid yellows that have a gold tone. Some Summers can also wear a buff or banana yellow very well.

You need blue-toned pinks, ranging from light to medium shades, and on to deeper rose and fuchsia colours. Although you can wear bright pinks, be careful not to choose the intensely clear and bright shades from the Winter chart. Warm pinks will often look wonderful on light haired Summers. Note: no yellowish salmon pink, apricot or peach.

Your reds range from raspberry and watermelon to blue-reds. Some of you may also wear dark blue-red as well as burgundy and all wine colours, though they may often be too dark for you. Avoid carrot red, but cherry red (with a touch of blue) is ideal. The pinkish red of watermelon was made for you!


Plum is summer colouring version of purple. It is a grayish purple, not as intense or as dark as the royal purple of Winter. It is often too deep for all Summers except those with dark hair. Lavender, orchid and mauve are excellent colours for you.

Avoid black, pure white, yellowish beiges, deep tans and browns, golden tones, orange, peach, orange-reds and yellow greens.

Rose tinted or soft grey tinted whites are best for you, and the darkest colours you should wear are smoky royal blue and brown with a touch of rose or grey.

Your best basic colours would be a dark blue with just a hint of red in it; a brown with a red-blue tone (such as dark chocolate brown), but this needs at least one strong second colour with it; or a soft, grayish lilac also always combined with at least one other colour.

If you are sallow-skinned you can make an especially dramatic improvement in your appearance when you wear the right (cool) colours.

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