Snow White is the epitome of the clear, bright, Winter colouring

Snow White is the epitome of the clear, bright, Winter features – ‘as white as snow, and as black as ebony’. These women have dramatic contrasting features: pale skin, dark hair, and eyes with deep irises against clear whites. This applies to all racial groups.


Neutral beige / Oriental (they will tan easily and go brown)

Cool brown / Asian, Latin, Black ( they go deeper, almost blue / black in the sun)

Olive / Asian / Latin / Black ( who turn deep bronze in the sun)

Golden brown / Asian / Latin / Black ( who go bronze in the sun)

Their complexions always have a blue undertone, (and sometimes with rose / purple undertones), although this is often difficult to detect, as even though those with the palest skin quickly acquire a tan dark enough to conceal the bluish undertone. this blueish look becomes more evident when you compare a Winter complexion with a warm, golden, Spring complexion. Whether pale white or olive brown, the Winter complexion is translucent, rather like procelain. There is sometimes a trace of pink in the cheeks.

Many have grey-beige skin, which might range from light to dark, and as a rule does not have any visible pink. Winter women may sometimes have some sign of ‘warm’ in their complexions such as freckles or a true beige colour, but it will not be a dominant feature.

Looking good, wearing outfits that we like and feel confident in is a way of demanding better treatment than we might otherwise be getting. Being able to put together a look for ourselves that we like and that makes us feel terrific is essential, and


Most Winter people have relatively dark hair: bluish black, deep black, blackish brown or dark brown. Their hair usually has an ash tone, though sometimes the hair will have red highlights that are visible in sunlight, but this is not the metallic red that is seen in Autumn’s hair. However it does indicate some warm undertone. People in this season often tend to go grey dramatically, either reaching a salt-an-pepper stage or turning steely white, which can be stunning on them.



In most cases Winter persons have clear, bright and distinct irises. The most common eye colours are ice blue, violet blue, deep blue, hazel, pure grey, crystal clear green and of course dark brown, red-brown, and black brown. Mixed colours such as green grey are rare, but even then the eyes do not appear as cloudy as the eyes of Summers. The contrast between the whites of the eye and the iris is exceptionally strong.

Typical Winter Colours

The Winter woman builds her wardrobe around her intense and dramatic personality. She strives to bring a sense of drama to her wardrobe selection. Her colour palette has deep, rich, clear tones: deep blues, reds, black, and white. She is also drawn to the metallic silver and platinum colours that only she can wear well.

Your colours are the brightest and coolest of all the palettes. Winter types can take advantage of many colours that others have to steer clear of such as pure white and pure black. You can wear black very successfully because you can take a high-contrast look more readily than any other season, although some Winters may be better in charcoal, if black becomes heavy looking on them. Black is an ideal colour for your basic wardrobe; especially for evening wear. It works well whether you wear it alone or in combination with other colours and create a contrast.

Winter is the only season that can wear pure white. You are never boring in a white blouse or T-shirt! You can also wear the soft white that suits Summer so well, but not ivory or yellowish white. However the bright white will always look more striking on you.

Dark skinned Winters may find that taupe and the light and medium greys are best when worn with other, brighter colours near the face. Your greys range from charcoal to icy grey. The best will be true grey, not yellowish or blue.


Winter’s reds are either true or blue-reds, including burgundy. Your burgundy must be clear, sharp, and bright Some

Winters can also wear muted or brownish burgundy but should be careful that the burgundy does not get too dark.

True red, deep ruby red and scarlet (never tomato red) are perfect as they accentuate the contrast in hair and skin.

All the deep pinks and azalea tones suit you, as well as the cool lilacs and dark violets. Shocking and deep hot pinks are less conservative; magenta and fuchsia are quite sophisticated colours, but are too strong for some Winters.

Strong ruby red is also a suitable colour for Winter people, and you can combine it with still brighter colours. Purple and fuchsia are beautiful; teamed with grey they are delightful.

If you love green wear clear true green tones and avoid murky or yellow undertones. Your greens range from a true green to emerald to pine. Pine is similar to Autumn’s forest green, except that it has a blue cast rather than a yellow one. You can see this difference by comparing the two colours side by side. (check it out on your colour wheel)

If you are determined to wear brown, choose the darkest and coolest browns (such as dark chocolate), that is dark enough to wear with black shoes and belt.

Navy blue is excellent on you. You may wear any shade of navy near your face. Blues are cool and brilliant: royal, gentian, Caribbean, true blue, royal, Chinese and turquoise, all deep or bright. Most Winters can also wear periwinkle blue.

Midnight blue is another good colour for a basic wardrobe, especially as it is very effective when combined with almost any of the other Winter colours. Many Winters, especially those whose hair has turned grey, may add blue-greys to their palettes


However if you are not a dramatic, but a softer winter type, with an incurable love for pastel colours, wear them by all means. Your palette includes a mixture of pastel shades, from grey to pink to white-yellow, but they must always be sharp, clear and vivid.

There are some very light, almost white, frosty colours which can be used, either as a contrast with darker tones, or alone for those in the Winter season with a dark or tanned skin. Those with lighter or white skin tones usually look pale in the very light tints. Lighter colours are added to Winter’s palette to create a contrast look when used with their deeper colours.

Avoid all colours with strong golden undertones, such as orange, peach, gold, yellow green, orange red and tans. All golden browns, beiges and creams are boring on a Winter, but there is a burgundy-type brown (called raisin) which is delightful if worn with the pinks.

Your yellow is a cool lemon, not gold, although some Winters can wear the bright gold of Autumn, especially when mixed with black, charcoal or navy. Yellow is better if teamed with the darker shades, such as bottle green, deep purple or black.

Your beige is not tan-toned, but a taupe (grey beige) colour. When you wear it next to your face, it must be light and clear. You may choose a darker shade in accessories, but in general beige is a difficult colour for a Winter to wear unless used with another contrast colour.

Follow this simple 3 step process and entering the now becomes as natural as breathing...




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